Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Turnout takajalan suojat, tekonahkaa *

Myyntihinta Hinta 94,90 € Normaalihinta 94,90 € Yksikköhinta  kohti 

Sisältää veron.
  • Waterproof PVC Leather
  • Artificial sheepskin
  • EVA protective inner
  • Suited for everyday use
  • Two strong Velcro straps
  • Ideal for horses with sensitive skin
  • Machine washable at 30° (no dryer)
  • Clean with our Tack Cleaner or water (not glycerine soap)
  • Sizes: 25 cm front, 29 cm hind

​​​​​​The Turnout Boots Leather incorporate a tough, hardwearing 100% waterproof PVC leather with a luxurious artificial sheepskin lining and EVA protective inner. Offering a cost effective solution for riders looking for outstanding everyday protective legwear, these boots also offer superior protection in the field, without a hefty price tag.

Anatomically designed with two generous and secure Velcro straps, these boots offer 100% comfort for horses with a sensitive skin and an easy care label, making them the ideal choice for riders across all disciplines and levels. These boots are mainly used for training, hand walking, horse walker, lunging, etc…

Made out of artificial leather and artificial sheepskin, these boots are specially made to sustain the washing process at 30° (no dryer). The artificial leatherdoesn’t take in any dirt, sweat or water and is therefore durable. Use our Tack Cleaner for the final glossy touch!

The difference between the front and hind boots are the size – 25 cm tall for the front and 29 cm tall for the hind.