Parlanti Kent - Vegan Ratsastussaapas
Parlanti Kent - Vegan Ratsastussaapas

Parlanti Kent - Vegan Ratsastussaapas

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Vegan thought embraces a vision that also lands on the choice of alternative commercial products that fully correspond with the food orientation. Therefore, a model that represented and respected a world that was perhaps still in the minority, but certainly in constant growth, could not be missing. Kent, the new born of the Parlanti family, reflects a cultural movement and a rule of life.

The feel of leather, the quality of microfiber.

Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial.
Extremely breathable.
Thermoregulatory effect.

It reproduces the characteristics of natural cowhide in a microfiber.

High resistance to abrasions and tears.
Maximum comfort.
Ecological. Production system without CO2 emissions.
Free of chromium (VI) and other harmful agents