Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Recuptex Magnetic tallisuojat *

Myyntihinta Hinta 149,90 € Normaalihinta Yksikköhinta  kohti 

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  • Easy solution to bandaging
  • Anatomically shaped outer
  • Removable, breathable wraps styled in Recuptex
  • Breathable Neoprene outer skin
  • Strong Velcro straps: easy to handle
  • Stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Vital support against tendon problems
  • Supports healing and helps speed recovery
  • Non-invasive healing support
  • Machine washable at 30° (no dryer)

​​​​​The therapeutic Recuptex Magnetic stable boots offer a safe and easy solution to bandaging for protecting and supporting horses’ legs whilst stabled. These boots combine 21st century fabric technology with an anatomically shaped outer, incorporating removable, breathable wraps styled in an intelligent material called Recuptex.

Based on the Bekaert BEKINOX® technology*, they contain the finest Inox yarn (a stainless steel fiber) that are woven into the fabric. It creates a faraday cage which reflects the magnetic fields created in the horse’s body. Preserving these fields stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow which heals and both reduces swelling and inflammation and enables faster healing of micro fractures. Ideal for treating horses with chronic arthritis and with tendon problems, it also accelerates the recovery process in a natural protective environment.

The breathable neoprene outer skin allows freedom of movement and the sturdy generous Velcro straps ensure a secure fit, yet they are quick and easy to put on and take off. Both wraps and outer boot can be machine washed at 30° (no dryer), without reducing their effectiveness or performance.

*The Inox yarn is made by Bekaert, one of the biggest Belgian companies specializing in stainless steel products. Employing over 28,000 people, they also have a turnover of 4,6 billion Euros. Giving reassurance to customers on the soundness behind technology.