Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Leather Fetlock Velcro hivutussuojat tarrakiinnityksellä, tekonahkaa *

Myyntihinta Hinta 84,90 € Normaalihinta Yksikköhinta  kohti 

Sisältää veron.
  • Approved for FEI young horse classes
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to handle Velcro closure
  • Durable artificial leather
  • Machine washable at 30°C (no dryer)
  • Clean with our Tack Cleaner or water (not glycerine soap)

​​​​​​The Leather Fetlock Boots with an elegant stitching pattern is an eye-catcher on every horse show and a must-have for every rider that cares about a stylish look. The boot has a perfect fit thanks to its streamlined and anatomic design and are the ideal choice for competing young horses (conform to FEI rules) as well as for general use. It protects the fetlocks from brushing against each other while jumping.

The boots are without elastic and with a simple Velcro closure and therefore allowed for FEI young horse classes. They also feature a protective TPU plastic shell within and a soft neoprene lining. The boots are easy to wash as the imitation leather is specially made to sustain the washing machine at 30°C (no dryer). It also doesn’t take in any dirt, sweat or water and is therefore durable. Keep it clean with our Tack Cleaner!