Horse Pilot

Horse Pilot Element 2018 naisten takki '''

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Sisältää veron.

9000 km traveled, 800 hours of training over 365 days: 0% indoor humidity. The ultimate protection jacket against the elements.

The ELEMENT jacket is filled with Horse Pilot know-how, innovation and technology. Ultra waterproof and breathable, this jacket has been designed as an all year round extreme sport garment, for intensive equestrian use. 

  • Retractable and adjustable hood: freedom of movement without any loss of vision

  • Oxygenation system: perforated lazer aeration to breathe 

  • News curve zip: Exclusive zip system, perfectly fits the curve of the neck to protect the face without friction

  • Dual density fabric, weaving technic: comfort, durability and strong resistance

  • Media kit system: interior zippered pocket with a pass-through above to run headphones

  • Waterproof zip

  • Block tapey: more practical than velcro closure. Does not grip the garments