eQ maitohappobakteeri 500g

eQ maitohappobakteeri 500g

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Lactic acid bacteria reinforce the intestinal mucous membrane and increase the natural resistance

The insestine is the main organ that affects to the natural immunity system. There are hundreds of different strains of bacteria in the insestine, most of which are useful but some are harmful. High-quality lactic acid bacteria adhere to the surface of microvilli and prevent, in cooperation with intestinal mucosa, the growth of harmful bacteria and their adhesion to intestinal surface.

Using high quality lactic acid bacteria have an important role in strengthening the natural immunity. A healthy intestinal bacterial strain produces a good resistance and helps to prevent even respiratory infections.

Lactic acid bacteria use is always beneficial. Importance is highlighted particularly with exertion or stress situations, competing, workout and transportation. Also, lactic acid bacteria is useful intimes of changes in general conditions and/or feeding or in connection to medication.

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